Naked-Eye Assessment 
vs Objective Movement Analysis

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For centuries, medical doctors had to rely solely on their experience, knowledge, and skills to diagnose patients. In the medical sphere, the cost of an error is much higher than in any other, and could potentially harm human life. Even though no amount of technological progress will deprive medical professionals of their jobs, modern software developments can provide the much-needed diagnostic precision. Using objective movement analysis techniques, doctors get access to large amounts of data that demonstrate the full picture and bring them closer to the right diagnoses.

What is wrong with naked-eye assessment?

Medical staff is vastly overworked and cannot afford to devote more than 24 minutes to their patients. According to Statista research, roughly half of doctors spend even less, from 9 to 15 minutes per patient. These numbers indicate that medical professionals observe only fragments of the full picture which might be insufficient for an accurate diagnosis. To conduct an objective analysis of a patient’s condition and recognize common patterns and trends, doctors need large amounts of data. That is where modern technological achievements come into play and allow the collection, processing, and analysis of data.

Cognitive Bias

The largest issue with the evidence-based approach is that it can never be truly objective. It is always a person who creates a hypothesis in order to begin a study and investigate a certain drug, therapy, symptomatic, treatment, etc. The researcher creates tests and asks questions thus putting the entire study under a threat of prejudice. Besides, the study might be subject to bias due to its source of funding, government regulations, and other aspects. Data-driven medicine is less prone to being bias and allows to initiate objective assessments, experiments, and clinical trials.

Early Detection

Additionally, having access to patient’s movement data allows early detection and prevention which significantly simplifies the treatment. In the case of chronically progressive patients, detection prior to the destructive neural changes reduces the costs of therapy and prolongs the patient’s life. Studies show that the conventional methods of early detection of Parkinson’s disease identify a condition with advanced progression. Using our digital platform, we can promptly detect neurological changes and act early.

Drug Response

Finally, continuous gait monitoring can serve as an indicator of a positive or negative response to a drug. Subtle changes in the movement and trajectory that are invisible to the naked eye could be a sign of a drug reaction. For example, experiencing the freezing of gait (FOG) might signify a positive response to levodopa, a drug often used in the management of Parkinson’s disease. Freezing of gait can be described as a feeling that one’s feet are stuck to the floor and can be quite terrifying for the patient. Detecting this development in real-time and informing the patient about the causes of FOG can help them better deal with this condition.

What is the solution?

Neuroconsan is an established software development company that builds neuro­di­ag­nos­tic systems. Our mission is to deliver applications that keep track of a patient’s speech, motion, and cognitive abilities.

NSpeech: Our tools monitor patient’s speed and articulation to pinpoint early symptoms of neurological disorders and monitor the efficacy of applied treatment strategies.

NMotion: Neuroconsan’s software collects and analyzes gait and balance to ensure the correct diagnosis and timely therapy.

NCognitive: Applications that audit a patient’s cognitive abilities to help medical professionals obtain information for early and precise diagnosis.

In the healthcare industry, a patient’s health is imperative and a timely and precise diagnosis is the first step. Technology has penetrated virtually every part of our lives, and it can certainly enhance diagnostics. Contact our professional team at Neuroconsan to learn more about the benefits of movement analysis software and receive a consultation.


The Neuroconsan team.