AI-powered precision diagnostics platform

Delivering digital
biomarkers of
brain disorders

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How it works

Neuroconsan's software solution provides tangible, quantifiable data that helps clinicians and researchers refine naked-eye assessment with AI-driven precision.

How it works

Why Neuroconsan

Neuroconsan provides AI-driven software that assists clinicians and researchers in diagnosing neurological disorders. Our digital platform simplifies and enhances physicians' jobs as well as adds AI-powered precision to diagnostics. You will discover new digital biomarkers of brain disorders with our low-touch hardware and algorithmic brilliance.

Ease of Use

Off-the-shelf Kinect-like sensors allow us to capture data quickly and effortlessly.


Advanced data visualization helps physicians to grasp large amounts of data.

Biomarkers discovery

Our continuous research along with the AI system helps us discover new biomarkers that drive readability and precision.


Our software can be easily adjusted to fit different researchers' needs.

AI-Powered Data Processing

To enhance data processing, we use AI technology that generates clinically meaningful data.

Standardization Of Data Collection

All observations made via Neuroconsan's solution are standardized which optimizes comparative analyses.

Application Areas

Enhance precision

To enhance the precision and
accuracy of drug research
in clinical trials.

Increase capabilities of neurologists

To increase the diagnostic
capabilities of neurologists.

Expand the efficacy of drugs and therapy

To expand the efficacy of
drugs and therapy.

This is us

Zuzana Kosutzka

The mission of our interdisciplinary team is to liaise experience in healthcare systems and clinical research with the advantages of cutting edge technology solutions to improve the management of brain disorders.

Zuzana Košutzká MD, Ph.D


Ing. Peter Miklovič, Ph.D

Product Lead

Ing. Michal 
Jeleň, Ph.D

Measurments & Algorithms

prof. Peter Valkovič MD, Ph.D.

Medical Advisor

Zoltan Chadaide MD

Strategy Advisor

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August 3, 2021

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